Google Panda is the latest update to Google’s Search algorithm. It basic role is to eliminate low quality websites from search engine result pages. Anton Koekemoer shows us in his blog post on Google Panda that the trick to working with Google Panda is to consider the user first. I think this is key to any web marketing. Most people are too concerned with thier SEO rankings that they forget that people need to actually use the website.

Google-Panda-AlgorithmI am glad to see that Google is starting to penalise websites that have poor content and that fresh website content will always be the best way to attract Google to your website.

I would suggest running your website with strict strategy to create the highest quality content possible and only consider search engines after you have created great content. You can always make great content SEO friendly but making SEO content people friendly is a lot harder.

Other tips to make sure Google Panda likes you

  1. Delete poor quality content on your website
  2. Change the content on pages with high “bounce rates” to improve the stickability of your message on the page
  3. Makes sure that you adhere to the basic on-page SEO techniques

Are you in danger of the Panda?

Quite simply you will pay the price in search engine rankings if you participate in any on the following practices:

  1. Copy content or use auto blogs to duplicate legitimate content.
  2. You are a splogger or spam blogger who copies content.

[box type=”info” border=”full”]Increase Google Rankings is a short series that looks into a few new developments inside Google that will your rankings inside Google. Google is working hard to create more relevant and more personal search results for its customers. They are actually doing great work (so well done Google!!) but the changes we will look at in this series are important to understand in order to understand how to win with our search engine marketing.[/box]